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[Safi Varies] Jumping around with half a plan!

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Today, I need to finish a little thing for a video, so we'll do that first. Then, I should finish the candy, at least! on the new illus for myself. I want a new thumbnail image!! After that, I'll have earned some play- Foundation got a new update and I want it. There's also Splatoon which I'm a little starved for-- Or ARAM... We'll decide that later! ☆ Stream Tipping: ☆ Not Partnered Yet, no uppies Sorry! https://streamelements.com/safiscores/tip (Paypal) https://ko-fi.com/safiscores (Paypal, Stripe) https://throne.com/safi_scores (Wishlist?) ☆ I have a Discord! ☆ It's for being chill and also working hard!! https://discord.gg/25pvSuBE ☆ Art prints for sale!!: ☆ https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/safiscores/ ☆ My online art gallery: ☆ https://safi-scores.carrd.co/#gallery ☆ Commission Information, Stream Slideshow Credits, Other Links etc: ☆ https://safi-scores.carrd.co/ ☆ Chiki Bean Safi - Art by @/RozenRotuWU (18+) ☆ https://twitter.com/RozenRotuWU (Cut/rigged/animated by me!) ☆ "Coffee For One" ☆ (Main Looping BGM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqmDov-dtE0 https://ko-fi.com/s/0edebb9d7b (PWYW( it's free) Download!)


Streams include Digital Art, Chatting, the rare Music creation and Live2D rigging, and games including but not limited to: Splatoon 3, League of Legends (ARAM), Foundation, Kynseed and Oldies On Switch! I am a mostly-seiso NB hag, please be good! A little innuendo is okay, but keep it semi-clean. (SAW-fee S-FAY-ra) A star that fell hundreds-to-thousands of years ago, sent to warn the people of a flood and then bare witness to the destruction. They failed miserably, and thanks to the person that found them in the first place(whose form they took later), Safi ended up trapped in stone at the bottom of a lake for a few centuries instead, then was fished out and worshiped for how pretty a rock it was. After that civilization died out and more time passed, researchers came and unearthed the pretty rock that was Safi and took it to their university. Another almost-century later, an intern dropped the Safi-rock, which broke, and out popped the glowy goo we know and love today! They spent time learning in that university, at first wanting to go back to the sky. After finding that to involve a little too much math, Safi instead decided to look around and travel to learn about the planet she landed on and slept through. After really liking what they saw, they decided to try and make things, and encourage others to make things too! For posterity!! That said, Safi's "recent" memories are actually from thousands of years ago. Time is weird, being stuck in a rock is weird.


Nicknames: Safi, BlueGoo, CoffeeSafiLanguages: English, HelloOshi Mark: 🔵Fans: Gooniis


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