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[Yomawari Night Alone] More Spooks & Screaming!?



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Hihi, Catnips! Today, we're continuing YNA!! Rules: 1.) Recommended for 18+ 2.)Mainly English & some Japanese is okay! It's, also, okay to say hi in other languages too :3 3.)No self promotion; Don't mention Rini in other streams. 4.)No hate speech or discrimination of any kind; No political or religious discussions either. To keep this community a safe place, let's keep the chat chill with minimal discussions about hot topics. 5.)No spoilers. No back seating unless Rini asks for help. 6.)Do not spam the chat unless it's emote spam :3 We love seeing everyone's cute emotes~ 7.)No trauma dumping. We talk about mental health from time to time, but Rini is not a doctor nor is she licensed to give professional help. Thank you for stopping by & giving this a read!(ᗒᗨᗕ)


莉 from matsuri tree, 仁 from benevolence First name: Rini (莉 仁), Last name: Sakai (酒井) I'm the all seeing, Fallen Goddess of Luck! I, also, turn into a demon neko during October, because I accidently summoned a certain Akuma...ehe ~


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