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Gaming Stream - Sonic Origins Plus, Day 2


Back to normal scheduling this week, and we're playing Sonic Origins again.


Usually, I would stream with a live webcam image. I've started making video content on an on-and-off basis in 2006, a year after YouTube started its services. And I've even done some live broadcasts of my own on various platforms. But, when I first started hearing about these "V-Tuber" things, and how they're just crawling out of the woodwork, I thought I'd log on and try some of them out. Amano Pikamee, Natsumi Moe, Filian, Tomoshika Hikasa, Kizuna Ai...there are more, but you get the point. Eventually, I have been thinking about what it would be like to actually *join* the ranks. However, at the time I was considering it, I didn't even have a machine powerful enough to attempt it, and my plans to see what V-Tubing could do for me were put on the back burner. Until now. I have been testing the waters on Twitch and Kick for a while, but with this platform, I feel that I'll be able to make my own unique mark on the ecosystem. Welcome to my VStream channel. Feel free to try my content out, and let me know what you think.


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