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Now: VRC Banjo and Kazooie Every $1.50 (1 pack) Spent on Dixper = +5 minutes Every First Dixper Pack by a new user = +15 minutes Every Ko-Fi Subscriptions = Pyrite: +15 min Copper: +1 hr Bronze: +4 hr Silver: +6 hr Gold: +12 hr Platinum: +16 hr Diamond: +24 hr VStream Subs and Uplifts: +5m per dollar spent Schedule: Monday 10a-1p VR Chat Banjo and Kazooie Monday 1p-2p StreamQuest (Twitch Chat ONLY) Monday 2p-6p NGU Idle Troll Challenge #2 Monday 6p-10p V Rising with VioletTheSlime


Vaserati Xoar is a FOmarx from the world of Phantasy Star Online. They were a researcher on Pioneer 2 who worked on VR Spaceship before becoming a Hunter themselves, exploring Planet Ragol's Gal Da Val. In retirement they continued their research into new ways to experience life and keep the world safe. Due to their experiments, they eventually broke into the Oracle Fleet timeline. As a result of breaking timelines, they became corrupted by F-Factor energy resulting in them becoming a kind of Dark Falz. They rarely show their true form though, and they just use the immortality to research more dangerous universes. When they go to a new universe, they aren't just playing a game, but they become the character being "played". They are currently in the process of rebuilding Pioneer 2 for reasons... -------------------------------------- Vas IRL is a disabled streamer with Autism, ADHD, and Prosopagnosia. Vas uses "key disabling" and other game modification gimmicks as a gamification of overcoming and persevering through disability in a fun and engaging way. ------------------------------------- Any Uplift/Donation/Sub at or above: $1 Five Minute Key Disable of Choice $5 Spin The Wheel $6.90 Ten Minutes of Vaserkitty (can only "meow" or "nya") $20 Disable 1 non-movement key for the rest of the stream (per game) (may replace the chosen key with voice commands or inconvenient rebind) $69 Vaserkitty for rest of stream $500+ See Ko-Fi for more details. Will treat as if redeemed via Ko-fi. Note that Uplift/Donation/Sub rewards don't stack! If you spend $5 you will get the wheel spin but NOT a free key disable of choice. I never expect donations! Your presence in the stream is support enough! Only donate if you really want to! TTRPG Streams are exempt from all donation rewards except the last one. https://ko-fi.com/vaserati (Preferred Subscription Method) https://dixper.gg/vaserati (Manipulate My Game!) https://discord.gg/JZNMTaN (Come Chat With The Community!)


Nicknames: Vas, Vaserati, VasFalz, Vas the FalzLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🚫😏Fans: Falzlings


Joined: April 2023
Birthday: September 16
Pronouns: They, She
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