Valentina Chisei (ヴァレンティナ治世) is a English VTuber from Japan, based in the US. She commonly goes by Chisei, and is a frost dragon. She is an pre-debut streamer coming from Japanese smartphone streaming application REALITY, where she currently holds 89k+ followers. She is preparing for her transition over to Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, (maybe VStream??), and streams daily on REALITY where she is known for her story-telling, chatting discussions, caring personality, and multilingualism. Once a wholesome, family-friendly streamer, she has since relaxed in her streaming style, incorporating lewd jokes and sarcastic comments about a mutualistic "bullying" relationship between her and her chat. She aims to be a transparent streamer that constantly gives back to her community by ensuring quality, honesty, and hard work to reach her ambitious goals as a content creator.

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