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I always loved Youtubers and Streamers and wanted to be one myself. Now i am and Vtubing always sounded fun and i wanted to add a bit more personality to my Streams. After making my Streams on YouTube together with my videos i became admin in the Paranoia 2023 Event, I then found out about VStream and want to give it a try. On the first weekend of using Vstream it was already more fun, the fact you feel more seen and my average viewers being more than just my regulars like it is on YT with the site having an amazing community i decided to currently shift my focus to VStream.


Nicknames: wolfy, wolf, wolfsieLanguages: English, GermanOshi Mark: 🐺🦊Fans: Wolves


Joined: October 2023
Birthday: February 9
Pronouns: she, her

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