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Ov’i’so’thos, alias Oliv(ia/er), stage name Starliv. (She/They) I was (were) born onto existence from the shattered remains of a supernova gone crazy. Many eons pass, and the universe kept expanding. I studied the phenomenon, and wanted to be bigger than it. I found a planet that studied magic, one that trained the best VTuber scientists and magicians. Facsimiles of celebrities like Gura and Amelia, Glaze/Gummymauz and others littered the landscape. but I found this device in an abandoned building that was home to a book. I read from the book and… everything became black. A comforting voice whispered to me. “Welcome home, Ov’i’so’thos.” “Call me Oliv.” “As you wish, child of Cosmos.” “Cosmos and Void.” The Void and I bonded, harnessing great and terrible imagination, satiating my desires for being bigger than the known Universe and then some. “You can travel between here and the other worlds now.” And so, I did.


Nicknames: Oliv, Oli, Cutie, LivLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🎈Fans: Voidlings


Joined: July 2023
Birthday: December 20
Pronouns: they, them