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SaySay (銈点偆銈点偆) is an independent female EN / PH VTuber. She is a Goddess of Blue Flames, and also known as Mangkukulam (Great Witch of South East) Vtuber at the same time. She originated from Surigao del Sur in Mindanao, Philippines, hence, also known as a Bisaya VTuber. People believed that some of the remains of Lemuria, the lost island from the past, resides in Mindanao, Philippines, which causes locals to have numerous beliefs, superstitions, urban legends and myths. However, as generations change, the stories and legends remain as stories along with the others. SaySay, whose real name is unknown, also called as Isay by her believers, is a modern remnant of these so called myths. As the descendant of the Great Witch, Mankukulam, the God of Fire from Kasanaan, or Ancient Hell in Tagalog Pantheon, she was awakened through atavism. SaySay has deep attachment with the humankind since she was born from human parents, and often used the "borrowed" (stolen) power from Kasanaan to go in different timelines and places to satisfy her curiosity.


Nicknames: Isay, SayChou, IsawLanguages: Arabic, English, Japanese, Filipino, BisayaOshi Mark: 馃拵Fans: Ampons


Joined: May 2023
Birthday: September 1
Pronouns: she, her
Level: 1