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Kaisa (redsong.)

Kaisa (redsong.)

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A survivor of the apocalypse, communicating from one thousand years into the future. When the world is seized by extra-dimensional beings called The Order, redsong. fought to be recognized as their #1 contestant in the cruel survival games titled “Fates Plays.” At least, that's how it appears on the surface. While they dance and fight to their captors' tune, outside of the ring - Kaisa and the rest of those that survived the initial falling work to find ways to overcome The Order, or prevent the nightmare from beginning in the first place. --- 《 Kaisa 》"Hey, uh ... is a now a good time? Yeah? Cool!" 《 Kaisa 》Hi, I'm Kaisa. I go by the name redsong. I'm connected to you guys today to research ways and hows to stop the post-apoc world we live in. 《 Kaisa 》 ... (Please don't tell my captain on me on how much Apex I've been playing.)


Nicknames: Kaisa, redsongLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🥀🕊Fans: Players


Joined: April 2023
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