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Hey There, I'm Raven Leader of the Zombie Rebellion force. I spend my time fighting for the betterment of all undead kind! Outside out of that I do a bit of streaming playing mostly FPS and Horror games! I really love horror games with a great story and tons of hard puzzles to solve, but my favorite horror series is the Resident evil series! as for FPS games I'm always down to try something new! I have slight anxiety issues so there will be times where I may go a bit silent, don't worry I'm still here with you all! I'm just beating up my brain to get it back in working order! I tend to stream around 5pm Est and you can find my streams on Monday,Wednesday,Friday, and Saturday!


Nicknames: Zombie, Raven, BiteyLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🧟🐀Fans: Deadies


Joined: April 2023
Birthday: March 17
Pronouns: he, him