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“It’s time.” Adalinda curls up into a ball and slowly fades into the universe, mass creating stars and many planets in her death. An essence of her breaks off and turns into a shooting star. The shooting star zooms towards planet Pandora, quickly breaking through the atmosphere. The star crashes on a little technologically advanced settlement of elves on Pandora at night, who praise and worship Adalinda and her previous ancestors. Leaving a large crater behind, a dragon-like baby crawls out of the hole and the elves take the baby. They raise it as their own, knowing that the baby came from Adalinda, the mother of the galaxy. They called the baby, Star, since her light shone in the night sky as she fell. As she grows, she learns from the elves about her mother and her ancestors and she, too, begins to praise them. In due time, she was finally able to take flight, and soared through the sky. However, she flew a little too high and broke through the atmosphere. She was frightened, but curious as she continued to fly higher and higher until she left Pandora. She stared in awe at all of the stars and planets in the galaxy. She turns around towards Pandora and flies back down, meeting with the elves and telling them what she saw. The elves rejoiced, knowing that they finally have their “mother” of the galaxy again. Star smiles at all of them, and flies back up into the galaxy, hearing in the distance her mother and her ancestors. “Continue to fly, little one. And continue to create more in our stead. We will be by your side, always.” She smiles at her mother’s voice and takes some pieces of the galaxy to create a pet sheep. “You’ll be my little Galaxy away from the galaxy.” She takes Galaxy to Pandora, and shows the elves her very first creation. Galaxy, then, hops into Star’s arms and she laughs, nuzzling against her new pet. From time to time, Star comes down and streams, telling her stories and her adventures in her life, all the while learning how to play games. Made by:


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