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Nina is an alchemist running a small atelier with the help of a mysterious assistant, a crystal golem. She likes starting projects, but doesn't always finish them. Fond of taking breaks and naps, her shop isn't very popular. Due to her hut being quite deep in the woods and not under any town's domain, she doesn't have to pay any rent or taxes, so her popularity doesn't really bother her. Nina can procure most ingredients she needs, but needs to fight some of the forest's monsters, so is trained in using daggers. Surprisingly, she does not use any alchemy to fight, besides imbuing the dagger with energy stored in the gems embedded into her arms and chest. She also gardens for ingredients as well. Nina, despite the lazy nature and distractability, does good in her potion making work. While not the best student during her time as school, she always listened and knows a little bit about every process required for various focuses of alchemy. As stated, she knows enchantment, storing energy for this, as well as on the spot transfiguration. She knows how the alignment of the stars and seasons affects ingredient growth and availability, as well as when they will be more potent. She knows about various potion types, but seems unable to make combative potions and poisons very well.


Nicknames: NinaLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 💎Fans: Assistants


Joined: July 2023
Birthday: September 20
Pronouns: she, her
Level: 1