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Mavis streams and creates content of a variety of video games that they enjoy. They also stream language-learning and chatting with their viewers. On stream, Mavis strives to be their most unapologetic, authentic self, while also playing a character as a VTuber. Mavis believes VTubing is an accessible and fun way to express oneself without compromising privacy. It can also be gender-affirming for LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. Viewers have often described Mavis's Twitch streams as "comfy and chaotic," or "cozy yet cursed." Mavis does their best to remain in-character as a VTuber at all times, but sometimes cannot help breaking character due to the nature of some discussions on their stream. Mavis is an activist for BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities. They are also a vocal disability and mental health advocate. To them, the word "inclusion" means everyone- no exceptions. Mavis's identity is a core part of their content, as they wish to have pride for who they are and not hide themselves. More than anything, Mavis wants to show the VTubing world that trans people of color can exist in its space and succeed. They aim to create a safe space for marginalized identities, and show the world what they’re made of- while refusing to be silent on important topics. Mavis and their moderation team take very firm anti-bigotry stances. While people of all identities are welcome in their spaces, the safety of BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ individuals, especially trans people of color, comes first.


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Joined: July 2023
Birthday: November 16
Pronouns: they, them