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We're Lotl Love and Captain Vyxenna, a married VTuber couple! Lotl is an Aztec Nature Goddess. Vyxenna is the ex-Goddess of Death turned Space Pirate. We are lifestyle variety streamers. Enjoy content ranging from gaming, crafting, gundam and LEGO model builds, environmental education and animal streams, karaoke and music concerts, and so much more! WHO IS LOTL? Aztec nature goddess, daughter of the Aztec god Xolotl. She's trying to find out why everyone hates his guts when he supposedly saved humanity. She travels with her wife across the galaxy! WHO IS VYXENNA? Captain Vyxenna (Quick Lore): Formerly Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, she has left that life behind her. Shedding her old name, she's now Captain Vyxenna, the galaxy travelling Goddess from the Planet Chthon! DONATIONS / TIPPING: Tips are not required or expected but are very much appreciated! WISHLISTS FOR LOTL, VYXENNA & TODL: GENERAL RULES: - Be kind and considerate of others. No excessive cursing. - No advertising or linking to other streams unless it's requested by Lotl, Vyxenna or a co-streamer. - Do not share the personal information about you or anyone else. - Zero-tolerance for harassment. - Avoid religious or political discussions as those can get heated. - No backseat gaming. If we want help, we'll ask. BUSINESS INQUIRIES: We are currently accepting sponsorship opportunities. Please email: misslotltheaxolotl [at] You can also reach out to Lotl via Twitter DM.


Languages: English


Joined: November 2023
Birthday: August 3
Pronouns: she, her