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Hello there~! My name is Lilybelle and I traveled so much with this airline, that they made me their official mascot! I curse like a sailor, drink like a pirate, and lewd like a siren. Flights are of a variety nature here and are incredibly 18+. I hope you enjoy your time here and thank you for flying with Lilybelle Air~! Want more info? Check out for all you need about me! Lilybelle Air operates with your happiness, but if you ever so wanted to make direct contributions to the flights, please visit !! Thank you once again. ✈💙 Art and Assets: #LilybelleArtLine RULES AND REGULATIONS: For safety and ease of all passengers, we would like to establish ground rules. No Talk of Politics: Due to the varying differences of all who may be joining us among our wonderful lobbies and boarding gates, we do not want to create a stir or safety concern, which political talk always does. Respect One Another: Mascot, Flight Attendants, and all passengers are to be met with respect and kindness at the best of everyone's abilities. Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Etc.: Lilybelle Airlines will not tolerate any hateful speech among any part of our Airport. quite self-explanatory to not be an ass. Light Conversation: Just like the lovely clouds we fly over, we like to keep the topics and conversation light! Of course, humans are a lot more complex than clouds, and we will tackle real life issues sometimes, but we thank you for your cooperation in our flight patterns. We love having flyers from everywhere in the world, but cannot speak every language! Please only chat in languages that the mascot can speak in! Thank you All in all, please have fun. And as always, thank you for flying with Lilybelle Air!~ ART AND ASSETS: #LilybelleArtLine DISCORD LINK:


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