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I was well still am the most powerful witch in Dracaena school of witchcraft and Wizardry i once roam those halls and classes you all now walk. I have defeated the most powerful witches and wizards I come from bloodline that were superior in this school but I also come from a forbidden love between a vampire and elf. They use to come to Dracaena school of witchcraft and Wizardry and graduated as the top of their classes I guess I got my intelligences for them. They met through a war between their kinds after they graduated my mother struck my father with a arrow almost cross his heart. Warning him that the next shot she will not miss my mother was very powerful witch but her archery was masterful. He snared and when their eyes met it was love at first sight they ran away together living in place they were only accepted a place they build for any species that were mix was accepted they named it Deaunkoon Village.


Nicknames: jas, nox, jazzyLanguages: englishOshi Mark: 🪄💦🕶️Fans: Students


Joined: November 2023
Birthday: July 29
Pronouns: she, her
Level: 1