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Vyxenna is the former Queen Persephone of the Planet Chthon. She conqured many planets and worlds as the commander of the Underworld armies and after many aeons, she grew tired of being simply King Chthon's pawn in his mad power grab. After years of planning, she fled Tartarus Palace and commandeered a Cerberus-class starship and took off to another galaxy far away. At some point during her travels, she formed a space pirate crew called the Black Rose Mercenaries and later met and married Lotl who she travels the galaxy with. For a more detailed read, check my refsheet: I stream with my wife Lotl on our joint channel: Want to donate? Or buy a gift?


Nicknames: Vyx, Vyxenna, Vicks-ee-nuh, CaptainLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🚀🏴‍☠️🥀Fans: Pirates, Loddles


Joined: November 2023
Birthday: September 30
Pronouns: she, her