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Skye Crimson


Skye Crimson is professional actress known as playing multiple roles with perfect accuracy. Her most known roles are Eria Mitsuki (Storm Patrol: BubbleRanger), Aqua Kisaragi (The Crystal Lord), Ria (Crystal Lord: Scions of the Dark Sun), Rina Azuki (Storm Patrol: BubbleRanger) and Skye Knightley (Tempest Knight BLAZE). This is her channel to hang out, vibe and enjoy some games outside work sessions~


Nicknames: Sky, Eri, EriaLanguages: Finnish, EnglishOshi Mark: ❤️‍🔥🎬Fans: Skyblazers


Joined: July 2023
Birthday: September 9
Pronouns: she, her
Level: 1