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Mikoto [美琴]

Mikoto [美琴]

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Mikoto was born a fox in the wild and was adopted by a mortal when she found the stray cub hiding under a tree. He lived a few short but joyful years with her until one day, he ran away after she scolded him for the first time for stealing a piece of jewelry to gift her and died the same night when hit by a passing cart trying to find his way home. Mikoto held onto his life as he could not bear the thought of his owner blaming herself for his death but there was nothing he could do to stop what was coming. In his final moments, he regretted not being able to say goodbye or thank her for all she had done. His final wish was to find her again in the next life and tell what she truly meant to him.


Nicknames: Mimi, KotoLanguages: English, ChineseOshi Mark: 🦊🥮🍤


Joined: November 2023
Pronouns: He, They