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Welcome to the Midnights Brew Cafe and Library! Whether you found this place by getting a little too lost in the forest, or if you found us by another lovely aristocratic blood drinker, we welcome you all the same! Feel free to sit in the lounge, order from our human (or vampire) coffee board, check out a book or two and enjoy your time with us. The owner of this place is easy to spot , since silver hurts vampires, she seemed to have found a love for gold. She’s always around either reading, making drinks, talking with the guests or playing games with her friends. Don’t worry! She doesn’t bite… not that you know of anyway. Barry is a pureblood vampire who found joy in experimenting with ways to prepare her drinks. Drinking blood can get so dull y'know? Same flavor for so many years.. So she started trying it hot, with ice, mixed with vanilla flavoring or hazelnut. She may be dead but she’s not boring. Along with enjoying books and the stories humans would make, she decided to make her own space, a place where vampires like her could intertwine with the humans and have a place to relax, read, learn about each other and most of all, chill. However only her close friends are allowed to go upstairs, where her home lies. Barry has two forms. Her bat form and her human form. Oftentimes when she is doing more physical work she will use her bat form since it takes less energy from her. However when she is entertaining customers, she will most often use her human form. Honestly it depends on her mood most days! She will read stories, serve drinks and chat, and play a variety of games


Nicknames: BarryLanguages: EnglishOshi Mark: 🖤🤍📖Fans: Customers


Joined: June 2023
Birthday: December 5
Pronouns: She, Her, They, Them