Hi! My name is Cloudy-Rose and welcome to The Cemetery!~
your favorite demon
Mrs. Gabby
Hey there, puppies - I'm Mrs. Gabby, and this is my kennel. You can call me Miss G for short :3
Rogue Liliana
⭐Lotus Biscoff Addict ⭐Pastel ネクロマンサー ⭐スコットランド人 /Scottish ⭐JDRF Ambassador💙
25 Married Newer Vtuber Model by Purlzs on the Purple Website
VStream's community lead & virtual assistant at your service ♡ (ay-dah)
founding engineer @ VStream
A space squirrel! Part of the VTuber group PARADOX
Bassist of BrimtoneVT!
Asteria Spirit
Hey there! I'm Asteria, your favorite comfy, cosmic werewolf here to tell stories, relax, and generally provide good vibes.
I am your dnd Dragon waifu!, I draw ocs and specifically dnd ocs!
So I'm a Honey badger that protects his world, and vibes in this one. Apex has taken over my life. 18+
Platformer Princess
I'm a gamer that enjoys playing games,especially platformers and thought may be fun to be a Vtuber.I'm trans and mute streamer.Chu! Gen 1
Serenia the Box
My name is Serenia (She/They) and I am a box! I live somewhere on a plane between dimensions where I rule the Knicknack Kingdom!
Mizuhana Oshibe
Just a salty sea nymph playing all kinds of games and trying to raise money for a better reef for all my fish friends!
Emrys Estilo
⬙ 35 | Golden Retriever Oni Thaddy with Unseiso Gremlin Energy ⬙ ❖ LGBTQ+ Safe Space ❖ ‡18+ Minors DNI‡
More to be added soon.
Greetings my little bean fiends! I am your all caffeine consuming cracchead energy bunny girl VTuber!
Neko Shepherd
Hello! I'm a variety streamer with biases towards simulation/strategy games. I also have lots of cats as the name would imply! :)
I'm Rainbow Rose! 🌹 I aim to spread positivity, love, support & laughter 💗 Let's color the world in bright colors together! ~ 🌈
"He works fast and well when it comes to computers" - A. Pearson, 5* Yelp Review
Vtuber fascinated by the concept of duality. I use 2 avatars: Akuma Hisao (a demonic dragon) and Taore Tenshi (a fallen angel)