Eric von Atterberg
Named for the Swedish classical composer, I'm an American cat nobleman VTuber. I specialize in RPGs and action games.
So I'm a Honey badger that protects his world, and vibes in this one. Apex has taken over my life. 18+
25 Married Newer Vtuber Model by Purlzs on the Purple Website
sharp as a crystal
Platformer Princess
I'm a gamer that enjoys playing games,especially platformers and thought may be fun to be a Vtuber.I'm trans and mute streamer.Chu! Gen 1
Greetings my little bean fiends! I am your all caffeine consuming cracchead energy bunny girl VTuber!
Emrys Estilo
⬙ 35 | Golden Retriever Oni Thaddy with Unseiso Gremlin Energy ⬙ ❖ LGBTQ+ Safe Space ❖ ‡18+ Minors DNI‡
Vtuber fascinated by the concept of duality. I use 2 avatars: Akuma Hisao (a demonic dragon) and Taore Tenshi (a fallen angel)
More to be added soon.
Oh yeah! I am some weird amalgamation of alien cat thing. I make art and play video games. I can't wait to meet you and have fun!
Kyurentrix - VTube Network
Hi Hi’s!!! You’re friendly part-time, but lazy, Dragonmaid here to entertain you. I love to Shiny hunt, sing and dancing.
Rune Celestiel
I'm Rune the comfy false vampire bat and variety streamer!
Kai Suitscale
Half sharp-suited businessman, half shimmering fish. Navigating boardrooms and ocean depths. Tagline: "Scales and Sales!" 🐟 💼
Im just a normal woman reliving the past and going full oldschool and retro for 90% of the time.
Hey there, welcome to my channel! I'm' creator. I created a fun programmer and hope to see you around ❤
I enjoy playing a plethora of different games and enjoy having chats with all of you!
Just a whale and his best friend Kailani!