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Kori the Ice-Physics Mage

Kori the Ice-Physics Mage

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Hello, Earth People. I come from a world not your own! 'Tis a land even beyond the heavens! Rather, it dwells on an entirely different plane of existence (*or in your terminology: another dimension). It is world of magic and mystery, where anything can happen (* within reason)! As for myself, I am an explorer of the arcane arts: of MAGIC! Specifically, I major in all spellcraft of the frigid and minor in what is oft called: gravity magic. Hence I dub myself the Ice-Physics Mage! (* Yeah Gravity = Physics is a bit of a stretch. It totally doesn't have more to do with the videogame mechanic "Ice Physics" and that Kori delights in gamers everywhere suffering from the change in the control scheme from it. "Major" is also a stretch since he can't even perform any actual spells except Read Magic since he's only Lv. 1). I am transmitting to your world for magical research! (*And totally not because he's lonely) * Added context from me, the spirit that possesses Kori sometimes. Hi.


Joined: September 2023
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