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Ithilien, Realm of The Sun and The Moon, Home of the Sun and Moon Elves. Where Moon Elves are born at the Last Light of Day. For mankind know as Dusk. There are also Sun Elves, born at the First Light of Day. Known as Dawn. 271 human years ago, a young Moon Elf was born. The Mother-Moon gave her the name Jamaine. She grew up to be a curious and calm, young lady. Jamaine loves astrology and stargazes whenever she has spare time. Taking her notebook whenever possible to write down new findings. One day the biggest catastrophe known to mankind happened in Ithilien. Mother-Moon told Jamaine that she had to escape to Human Realm as soon as possible. Jamaine's their hope on recovery when the catastrophe is over. Jamaine had to travel by Star Glitter, to go to Human Realm as soon as possible. Jamaine packed the most needed stuff and travelled to the Human Realm. To get to know what humans do nowadays she stumbled across the internet. Where she has a lot of information to access. From there on she noticed communication was a big thing, and got into streaming.


Nicknames: Jam, Jams, JamaineLanguages: English, DutchOshi Mark: 🌕Fans: Starlights


Joined: June 2023
Birthday: April 15
Pronouns: she, her