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・゚✧Salutations! ✧* I'm Caffeinated Saki, but you can call me Saki. I am causing ripples in the stars as an upcoming Western Vtuber! My streams, which are primarily on Kick and coming to a YouTube/Vstream near you soon, are primarily English and feature gaming content- but also a variety of other content such as blessed videos, art, music, 3D modeling, and game creation. ・゚✧ ・゚✧Currently Public Lore: A spawn of tragedy, Saki awoke with no memories- on the Moon encased in crystal. She felt weak, but was still able to shatter the encasing. Alone and finding nothing to do, she fixed her gaze on the nearby planet. She was very interested in the life forms of the planet. Something about them made her unable to look away, like she was on the verge of remembering something...important. She decided to stay put and study the beings while she recovered her strength. Without another thought, a crystalline shrine began to grow rapidly around her. She could control the crystals as easily as breathing, and was able to also construct a conduit that could tune in to the various frequencies coming from the planet. Now on the world wide web, Saki is determined to consume as much information and research as much as possible of these humans. Her favorite mediums that she found to do so...are video-games and anime?! ...Does she know those aren't real or historically accurate!? ・゚✧ ✧・゚I look forward to exploring the cosmos together! *:・゚✧


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