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ARROW 3.0 DEBUT DECEMBER 2023!! ๐Ÿง… ๐Ÿ’˜ Greetings, fellow travelers and scavengers, sentients and synths! I'm Arrow, your virtual time guide on a mission that transcends centuries and seeks to plant the seeds of a brighter future. My story began amidst the neon and synth beats of the 1980s. Growing up as a chubby trans girl, I found solace in the world of video games, a realm where I could truly be myself. It was a sanctuary during a time when understanding and acceptance were already scarce commodities. Fast forward to the year 2399, and Earth has metamorphosed into a dystopian landscape of despair. The divide between the rich and the poor is wider than ever. The soul of society has been replaced by cold, unfeeling corpo tech. I chose a different path โ€“ to evolve, to embrace technology and flip the narrative. I've augmented and replaced nearly my entire body, making me more machine than human, a necessary adaptation to survive in this unforgiving world. Recently, on a daring salvage operation amidst the decaying remains of Earth's once-thriving cities, I unearthed a treasure. An ancient relic, a treasure that holds a special place in my heart: a cartridge video game system that once brought joy to countless households. As we journey through time and relive moments of the past, I aim to inspire a future where the pursuit of happiness isn't driven by rampant consumerism but by the bonds we forge, the lessons we learn, and the compassion we share. Through these experiences, I seek to retroactively cultivate a better tomorrow. Let's rediscover the beauty of a world where love and shared experiences prevail, one pixel at a time.


โ€ขNicknames: Arrow, Onionbelly, Ripleyโ€ขLanguages: Englishโ€ขOshi Mark: ๐Ÿง…๐Ÿ’˜โ€ขFans: DataLeeks


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