TLDR; VStream has shut down due to running out of money and being unable to raise more funds. As of April 1, 2024 the site is now officially inaccessible.

The Situation

Well, this was not a post I ever wanted to write. But, as you just read in the TL;DR, after nearly 2 years VStream has shut down as of April 1st, 2024. At this time, we have shut down all of the video and web servers and the site is no longer accessible. Unfortunately, we have run too low on cash, have failed to secure funds after attempting to fundraise in early 2024, and it’s sadly time for us to wave the white flag.

We’re so proud of the tech and the platform we were able to create in such a short amount of time. The entire VTeam is incredibly disappointed that this was the outcome, but more than that, we’re sad that we’re disappointing you all; the VStream community. So many of you have been cheering us on these past few years and truly believed in the mission and vision of VStream. We never could have made it this far without all of your support!

Even though this is the end of VStream, this is not the end of the VTubing movement. I’m still a huge believer in VTubers and how they represent the future when it comes to entertainment online. VTubers deserve better than what they can get with existing platforms. And a platform like VStream will exist in the future, we may have just been too early. In the future, I hope people look back on VStream as one of the pioneers in the space. Walking, and stumbling, so that others later can run.

Thank You

While there are too many people to thank, we do want to give special shoutouts to a few folks who went above and beyond.

Chisei - Thank you for being one of the earliest champions of VSteam. You introduced so many people to our community before we even had a real site launched. You and the community you brought gave us early hope that what we were building was meaningful.

Angora, Tymora, Marien - Thank you for making up Wave 0. You three were willing to test out streaming with us before we really had a working site at all. It feels like you've always been there and have been a huge source of comfort through the good and bad times.

BloodyDi - Thank you for being the first person to sign up to be a wave member and for streaming with us even after so many other wave members moved on. Your feedback and excitement was motivation for everyone on the team.

Himedae and Safi - Thank you for being some of the first streamers to go "full-time" with VStream. You put your trust in us so early and we will always be grateful for that. I'm sorry we couldn't be your forever home.

Bakuma and Panku - Thank you for creating amazing tools for our creators. If it wasn't for your efforts no one would have access to chat overlays or alerts. You all made VStream come alive.

Jak, Gucci - Thank you all for being amazing community moderators. Almost always a thankless task, but you never shied away from an awkward situation. Your efforts helped to make the VStream community feel like a safe place for everyone.

Shendo, Bell, MiniMinotvur, Basil, explainspeechwagon, Maze, Ada, SBKing, Novito, Bleu, Balins, kfgodel, Martin, Pekaro, Qizot, Fugi, Corimon, OMGElsie - Thank you all for being the best VTeam one could dream to work with. Every one of you worked incredibly hard on building the best possible platform we could. You all are so talented and it was so nice to work with each and every one of you. I truly hope we get a chance to work together again in the future.

While this may be it for now, none of us are going to disappear from the internet. We'll be around and cheering on the next wave from the sidelines. Thank you all again for your support these past few years. It was a dream to work on this product for this community and I don't regret it for a second.

Eric / E

Q & A

I’m a fan that had subscriptions to creators, how do I cancel them all now that the site is shut down?

We have cancelled all ongoing subscriptions. If you notice any issues, please contact the support team.

Wait, Eric and E were the same person?!

Yes, I'm sorry you had to find out this way. If you already knew, but played along, thank you; you're a real one.

This is upsetting, I'm upset!

We're sorry! But things in life often don't go the way we plan. We truly wish this wasn't the outcome as well.

I'm not upset, VStream was dumb

Okay, I feel like we're getting away from the whole "questions and answers thing." I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to prove you wrong.

What's going to happen to the Discord server?

The VStream discord server has been a place to come together and discuss all things VStream for the past 2 years. That said, without VStream there doesn't seem like a good reason to keep it around. We'll keep it going for another month, but we're planning on shutting it down on May 1st.

Thanks for getting this far down and reading this whole thing. Again, if you have any questions not covered here, reach out to the support team.