Dream it. Stream it.We’re here to amplify the VTubing culture as it evolves with the best exclusive content and features to feed our growing community.
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Welcome, to the future of virtual streaming.
Virtual Content CreatorsYou have a new place to call home.

Build your fandom and connect with your audience like never before. We’re calibrating our platform for your streaming benefit and striving to help VTubers build a career on VStream.

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ViewersWe’re merging social with the stream.

To connect you and other fans with your favorite VTubers outside of streams! Follow and keep up to date with your favorites all on one platform.

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That’s right:This space has been declared nontoxic by the powers that be!

Bad faith offenders will be escorted out, OK? Be kind to one another!

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Here are some promises we won’t break:
Promise 1Culture Leads Dev

And not the other way around. VStream is committed to listening, designing, and developing features that reflect the community it serves. We give power to our users to lead moderation and shape the space. We’re fans first, and believe in giving streamers and viewers the tools they need to thrive.

Promise 2Community First

The best way to support our virtual community is to give everyone the freedom to be extra. We’ll step in if something gets out of hand, but we encourage you to express your ideal virtual self. Follow the guidelines, be respectful, experiment away, and let’s see where this world takes us.

Promise 3Better Monetization

(We’re still getting our ducks in a row but) We value our creator community and believe that you should have the opportunity to make a living streaming. That’s why we let you keep more of your revshare. Period. We level the playing field with the same rules for everyone, provide greater transparency, and design better mechanisms for monetization. VStream champions you and your content.

Promise 4Making Streaming More Social

Viewers need a nontoxic hub to gather, meet new people, and forge meaningful connections with their favorite idols. We’re on a mission to bring the community together in one place for deeper interaction and after-stream socializing. VStream is committed to designing better ways for you to connect with and expand your audience.

Come for the stream, stay for the culture. Connect to the community like never before.
(Psst! Your Oshi is waiting...)